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Facbook In The MoviesOk, so maybe this post doesn’t have much to say on topic as most of my posts, but not everything has to does it? Besides, it still deals with Social Media, stuff that if you frequent this blog deals with in many ways. So, what’s the story then? Well, you read it right, Facebook is being highlighted in not one, but two movies that are ironically coming out just about the same time as each other. So you’ll be sure to get a full dose of Facebook in the movies when they’re out!

Catfish and The Social Network tell different stories, so there is no reason to compare them. One shows the experience two people have as it leads to meeting each other in real life and the other tells a story of the beginning of Facebook. I won’t go much into detail as the trailers on iTunes or YouTube does a well enough job of that. What I’ve seen though is quite interesting and worth a look.

In any case these movies help to call attention to social media in general in that whenever a topic hits the silver screen, there is usually quite a following already. Sometimes, hitting the silver screen helps to convince people of it’s true coming and general acceptance. Sometimes people just call it a fad and entertainment. Whichever the case, it definitely helps to acknowledge something on a grander scale that might have been resisted. As network marketers or anyone using social media, I’d recommend supporting the movie since it helps to support what we do everyday, which is build relationships on such networks. What do you think?

Also, my other post on the movie Julie & Julia, which was based on a blog adds to the overall acknowledgment of how we communicate and the mediums we use. These movies help to educate the public of what most of us already know. Well, just wanted to bring attention to these movies. Be sure to join me in commenting and after you’ve seen the movies too!  Cheers for now…

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8 Responses to “Facebook In The Movies”

  1. Johnny! Thanks for the heads up on the new movies of which I had no idea that they were even in the making. I plan on watching both and coming back here to post my opinions. I still don’t completely understand the phenomenon but I am learning every day. What is the best way to generate income from the social media outlet? There is probably more than one answer. I will explore this with my old (new) blog at http://theruleshavechanged.com Check it out and give me a tip or two if you feel like it. I will appreciate your comments or input.
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    • admin says:

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Let me know later what you thought of the movies. As to your question, check out MLSP. It shows you how to do what you asked, but my insider tip is that once you understand which strategy you want to try, to stick with it before expanding to other strategies. Again, thanks for the kind words, cheers for now…


  2. Dee says:

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  3. Great post Johnny, makes a refreshing change to read something that doesn’t have a a link leading to something for sale! I don’t know about you, but don’t you think there is has been an overload of social media sites recently?
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    • admin says:

      John, thanks for stopping in and commenting. As for your question, yes there has been, but I suppose that is to be expected when something like that rises in popularity. The trick is to weed out the noise and when you find a quality site to stick with it. Time usually exposes those that are not true quality. Again, thanks for the kind words, cheers for now…


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