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John Malott – Who Is He? What Secret Didn’t He Tell Us?

John Malott - Who Is He? What Secret Didn't He Tell Us?

Yup. there was definitely something he left out. Something he doesn’t share up front when you first start to listen to any of his presentations. Then once you hear it, your jaw about drops, and even he says you’re free to leave now since he delivered what it is he had to deliver.

But, let’s back up just a bit. Firstly, who is he? Professionally, as known by some, John Malott is a highly successful Executive Director, and Regional Manager in Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (PPL). He is a father of four (girls!), husband and resides in Wisconsin. His rise to success in PPL has brought fame and fortune. He travels the country spreading the word about PPL and his story. Huge crowds sell out venues when they know he is coming and there is never enough of his time once he is there. He has become highly sought after not just for his speaking abilities, but for what he trains other Associates on and how to do what he has done.

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