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Red Pill / Blue Pill – Pre-Paid Legal: Which will you choose??


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Don’t You Hate When This Happens??

Don't You Hate When This Happens?

I had an appointment this afternoon for a claims adjuster to come out and review some hail damage on our roof, like everyone in our area. This appointment was made two weeks ago. I get a call this morning (automated) to call and have it rescheduled. No other reason why. After talking to people on the other end, not only do they not know what I’m talking about, I get transferred to someone’s voice mail and am forced to call again, and of course re-explain everything, and finally someone wants to reschedule me another week and half out rather than just putting me at the top of the list to be seen next, because it would be too inconvenient, inefficient and involve many many people on their end to do that. (Yes, those words!!) WHAT??!!

I called my insurance agent to help. Still no call back yet.

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Death Crawl – Dave Savula – Why Winners Play In The Endzone! Because That’s Where Points Are Scored!

(The Death Crawl) – Dave Savula once said: “Winners play in the end-zone, because that’s where the points are scored. Out in the middle of the field, you’re just running around bumping into each other.”

To all Leaders: If you walk around defeated, so will they. You set the tone of the pack

Let’s all get into the end-zone, like “Brock”.

Fran Tarkenton on Health Care

See my business partner, Mr. Fran Tarkenton on FOX today!

Fran Tarkenton on Health Care

Fran Tarkenton on Health Care

As most of you are working with Small Businesses, it is probably important for you to know how the new Health Care bill that President Obama signed into law today will effect your small business customers.

Watch Fran Tarkenton today at 4:00 PM ET on Fox Business Network’s top rated show, with David Asman and Liz McDonald. Fran will be discussing how the new health care reform bill will change how small businesses operate, and what costs they can expect to incur with the new legislation.

Fran Tarkenton, NFL Hall of Famer, and Founder of, partner to Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and expert in business matters.

Don’t miss it!

Follow-up in case you missed it, watch the video here: Fran Tarkenton on Health Care

Darnell Self – Who Is He? What Is His Secret?

Darnell Self – Who Is He? What Is His Secret?

Darnell Self – Who Is He? What Is His Secret?

Darnell Self was like most of us. He was getting by in life the hard way with little or nothing to look forward to, wondering if there is more to life. He worked as a Manager in a clothing store at a strip mall that consumed most of his time everyday. Again, like most of us, needing to take time off was nearly impossible, more so since he was the Manager. Life was just a struggle.

He did however have the entrepreneurial spirit within him and tried several ventures that made promises of a better life. None worked out, and even after finishing college with a PR degree, no new promising jobs came his way that seemed to fit the bill, so there he stayed.

Until Pre-Paid Legal came along. In Pre-Paid Legal, his ability to work hard at something and stay the course served him well. Together with proper leadership he soon became the person he knew he should be. His charismatic nature soon came out and with the right opportunity, success was finally his.

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