Free Leads For Your MLM Business

Free Leads For Your MLM Business

Free Leads For Your MLM Business

Ok, so given the current economy and the rise in the number of people starting their own businesses, you thought you were a smart cookie and joined a network marketing opportunity.

And why not, really? Network marketing companies have a lot to offer: typically low start up costs (as opposed to what’s required when starting your own specialty company), systems in place that those before you are following and using to build their own businesses, and training. Most opportunities really become “turn key” when you consider all the legwork they’ve put into place for you.

Then you start the work, use traditional methods taught by an upline, and realize after a while that you are not enjoying the success you hear that others are having. You’ve quickly run out of people to talk to and are now scraping for ways to find the masses of people out there. Then you find out about leads.  “Wow, I can pay to get in touch with hundreds of people and just contact them, and they’ll sign up in my company.  It’s just the cost of business, and besides, I’m committed to this” you reason to yourself.

That’s what I thought. The problem with leads, no matter how targeted they appeared, is that I still got people who said they were not looking for an opportunity, who questioned how I got their information, and just plain out said “no, I’m not interested anymore.”  Now what? How are people doing this?

The problem here is that any of the training made available was always geared towards just marketing my own company’s products or services the way that had worked dozens of times for those before me. What about the ones for whom those strategies didn’t work?  Where are they today?  Those are probably the ones that gave up, dropped out, and said it either didn’t work for them, or worse, bad mouthed the company and said that the company doesn’t work. How is the latter true when clearly it worked for others before them?

I didn’t realize that suddenly I was in a new profession in an established industry, and as with many things, there is more than one way to do it. Suddenly I came to realize that I’m a Network Marketer but in my company was only being taught the traditional ways of building your business in network marketing. What other ways were there? That led me to my search to figure this thing out and to make my business a success.

What I came across was Internet Marketing. New?  Maybe not.  New as a strategy in an MLM? Definitely!  At least that was the case in my opportunity. Nobody was teaching it much less even talking about it. Certainly there were no proven systems or techniques to speak of. How about Internet Target Marketing?

What I came across was a company who wanted to head off this age-old dilemma I had encountered once and for all. Not only did they put in place many types of Internet related strategies, but also their back end processes captured the leads and sent them right to you. The difference?  The target audience was made up of people who already understood and accepted Network Marketing. There was no convincing needed that Network Marketing is a viable source of income. Moreover, this company had tons of training in their techniques that I can’t even imagine where to begin looking for.

So, how does one get free leads? By implementing these Internet Targeted Marketing techniques, some for a cost, lots for free.  Struggling Network Marketers are all now finding a way to make their opportunities, whichever one they are in, the success they had imagined it to be!

Strategies for using social networking sites, search engine optimization using article marketing, and use of video sharing sites are just a few techniques that are taught.  If these are techniques that you never heard of before now, understand that others are already using them to make their MLM businesses a success, and you should too!

To recap, realize that there is more than the traditional way to build a network marketing business.  It’s called using the Internet.  Think of all the information and other things you get from the Internet for free.  Why not leads to build your MLM business!

Johnny Pineda wrote this article to help Network Marketers learn how to get free leads for your MLM business no matter what opportunity you are promoting. He is a master at helping people generate unlimited leads for their business. If you want to learn how to generate 50 leads a day for free visit his:  Slight Edge Blastoff training site.

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9 Responses to “Free Leads For Your MLM Business”

  1. Im a Dentist, and i also own a ebook store…but im finding it hard to get leads…its tough , even with video posting, facebook and all…
    I want people to notice my websites and blogs..but i need a little help; so articles like this one , really make a difference , thanks

    • admin says:

      Dr. Quetglas, stick to attraction marketing and you’ll soon see a change in your business. Let me know how else I can help you! Don’t forget to subscribe. Cheers for now…


  2. David says:

    I feel a lot more folks need to read this, incredibly excellent info.

    • admin says:

      David, thank you so much for your kind words, they are so greatly appreciated! Please spread the word about it via twitter/Facebook, etc. if you can. I’d be happy to return the favor. Again, thanks so much, and don’t forget to subscribe. Cheers for now!


  3. Carl Kushlan says:

    Hi. Really pleasant information on MLM Leads. I found your pleasant blog while exploring google. For the last few days I have been seeking to find more. Particularly anything to do with the actual lead generation or companies making them. I’ve heard it all and my best friend proceeds forcing her new lead system craze on me. So I am glad I found you. Best regards!

    • admin says:


      Thanks for the kind words! I used to buy leads for my business, and of course like most would run out of money and also found that no matter how expensive a lead I bought, the quality really wasn’t what it said it would be. Then I found attraction marketing. There are MANY ways to generate LOTS of leads and for far less cost. Keep an eye out on what I’ve been doing, hint: my blog is about four months old and Alexa score is amazing for that time!



  4. Has anyone seen the new way to make money with youtube? They make 200 videos for you, and guarentee you at least 20,000 views for your business. Check it out:

    • admin says:


      Stay tuned. I use a video marketing system that doesn’t limit you to just the 200 videos, but for the what seems to be the same cost, you can do it over and over and over again!



  5. […] Pineda wrote this article to help Network Marketers learn how to get free leads for your MLM Business no matter what opportunity you are promoting. He is a master at helping people generate unlimited […]

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