What is Blastoff?

What is Blastoff?

What is Blastoff?

So what is all the hype going on about Blastoff? Who are they and what is the offer? What makes them so different from anybody else or any other website?

Well, first and foremost, Blastoff will become everyone’s new Home Page. This is the page you set that comes up automatically when you launch your favorite browser and start to do anything on the Internet. Why would this happen? Because everything that you do on the Internet can be done within it! What is the incentive to do that, when I’m just fine the way I do things?

Money and ease of use! You see, on our own Blastoff sites we’ll be able to have all the other sites we frequent right in it giving us access to our email, social sites, news, weather, games and anything else we normally do. Then, when we need to shop we’ll have access to nearly 500 of the most popular retailer’s websites that will give us savings on the things we purchase and money back!

Does anyone out there have a credit card that pays you cash back at the end of the year for all your purchases if you used their card? Imagine being at a crowded mall, and everyone is shopping with whatever credit card they have, but YOU get paid cash back on whatever THEY buy too!! Get the picture now? Best yet, this is all FREE!

Clubs and Organizations can join too and have their members join and create cash flow for their fund raising efforts. Imagine having the funds in your club to do the things you wanted without worry of cost since now you have a budget! Trips, outings, donations to help others out all because the funds are now available and ongoing.

Since it’s free, there is no downside to it. All you have to do is sign up, make your site look and feel the way you want it and invite everyone else to do the same, it’s that simple!

They are already outpacing the growth Facebook had, and they were huge without a money incentive. There were forty-four new retailers added last week alone. The phone is off the hook with retailers trying to become a part of it. Starbucks, Macy’s and Priceline.com will be releasing a joint press release soon with Blastoff.

A teen Blastoff site is in the works that will involve money earned towards a college plan or similar and content specific to that demographic. Mobile applications for all platforms are in the works too.

An exclusive alliance with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. helped to launch the site; utilizing most of their sales force to bring this to market. Associates are afforded twenty levels of separation unlike those who just join Blastoff. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc brings with them a solid foundation of standing the test of time, strong credentials plenty of third party validation.

So, in a nutshell that is what Blastoff is. Go get it, it’s free, fun, easy to do and can save and make you money! Wouldn’t you like to have a site with a huge network during the upcoming spending season when shopping increases 3,000%???!!

Oh, and where can you go to sign up? Why right here!

Johnny B. Pineda, Jr. wrote this article to help Network Marketers and others get an answer to What is Blastoff? He is a master at helping people generate unlimited leads using Internet Marketing technologies. If you want to learn how to generate 50 leads a day for free visit his: Slight Edge Blastoff training site.

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  1. Hi. Really good info on MLM Leads. I discovered your good blog while researching google. For the preceding few days I’ve been seeking to learn more. Especially anything to do with the actual lead generation or companies making them. I’ve seen it all and my neighbor continues pushing her recent lead system fad on me. So I’m happy I encountered you. Take care!

    • admin says:


      Thanks for the kind words! I used to buy leads a lot, but then found ways to produce them yourself. That helped a lot with costs. There are MANY ways to produce leads, just follow along and you’ll see. The great thing is when you produce them, they are of higher quality (i.e. not so much tire kickers), you start to brand yourself, and you start to save money in the long run, while finally making money like you originally intended.

      Again, thanks for the kind words, and stayed tuned for more great information!


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